Luke Bryan (Executive Chairman)

Luke is a mining engineer with over 25 years of international experience. Most recently he was chief executive officer, now technical director, of Kodal Minerals an AIM quoted mineral exploration company and prior to that he worked both as a public company director and as an independent consultant. Luke has worked throughout Africa, Australia, the Former Soviet Union and Europe. He holds degrees in Mining Engineering and Economics from Auckland University.


Adam Wooldridge (Chief Executive Officer)

As proprietor of Xpotential Geoscientific Consulting, which he established in 2004, Adam has worked extensively as a consultant geologist and geophysicist, technical and project manager throughout Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Over the last 20 years he has worked on a range of commodity types including base and precious metals, iron-ore, diamond and uranium projects.


Edward Bayman (Director)

Ed has worked in the Jersey finance industry since 1994. He specialises in working with private clients with a connection to the US and has worked with several high profile executives of leading quoted companies, international families and individuals based throughout North America and Europe. Within these client structures he has had experience of managing a wide variety of assets including significant holdings in private family and quoted companies, aircraft, as well as substantial diversified property and investment portfolios. He is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.


Dennis Vernon Edmonds (Director)

Dennis practiced as a corporate solicitor in the Republic of South Africa and in England and has extensive experience of corporate acquisitions and restructurings. He was later employed at board level in the investment banking and venture capital industries. His experience includes structuring deals and running companies. In April 2004 he became CEO of Setstone Plc, an AIM listed company which was completing a reverse takeover of a gold mining company in the Kyrgyz Republic. He resigned from this post once the documentation was prepared for submission to the Takeover Panel.


Jamie Hamilton (Non Executive Director)

Jamie has extensive experience in dealing with private clients from a number of backgrounds. During his career, he has worked with many large international families based predominantly in the UK, dealing with complex cross border planning situations as well as more traditional UK non domiciliary type planning. More recently he has specialised in servicing clients with an entrepreneurial background, including hedge fund managers and venture capital fund managers. Within these client structures, Jamie has administered a wide variety of assets ranging from standard discretionary investment portfolios to more specialised situations such as carried interests, LLPs for commercial property transactions and major holdings in family companies. Jamie is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and holds the Investment Advice Certificate from the Securities Institute.


Lee De Ste Croix (Director)

Lee has worked in the Jersey finance industry since 1995 and specialises in private client structures. During his career he has worked with many large high net worth international families from a number of backgrounds and jurisdictions, specialising in UK resident and non-domiciliary type planning as well as dealing with cross border planning situations. Within these client structures, Lee has had experience of managing a wide variety of assets including those holding UK commercial property portfolios, LLPs and Property Unit Trusts, as well as more traditional, diversified, discretionary investment portfolios. Lee is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.



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The Audit Committee

The audit committee was established to review the internal controls and processes of the Company and to liaise with the auditors of the company in relation to the annual accounts and reports. All minutes of the meetings of the audit committee are presented to the board of directors. The members of the audit committee are Edward Bayman, Jamie Hamilton and Lee De Ste Croix.


The Investment Committee

The investment committee has been authorised by the board of directors to make trades on behalf of the company, liaise with the custody account provider and to review the net asset value which is announced quarterly. All minutes of the investment committee are presented to the board of directors. The members of the investment committee are Edward Bayman, Jamie Hamilton and Lee De Ste Croix.